Roy Choi Does Instant Ramen

I’ve seen Roy Choi on a few cooking shows before and he's a darn good chef, but interestingly also a fan of instant ramen. His particular favorite involves scallions, a poached egg, and american cheese. The book sounds interesting. Roy has lived an interesting and sometimes difficult life and for him ramen provides a spiritual escape. To be honest, I don't like american cheese, but otherwise this recipe sounds pretty simple and good.

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Rice Ramen Looks Interesting

This week I finally heard about “rice ramen” from Lotus Foods. Rice ramen is gluten free and frankly looks a bit more adult and probably healthy when compared to your average ramen. Recently I've been trying to eat less processed and more natural foods (which generally means little to no ramen), but this product looks promising. It's organic and has less sodium than your average pack. The other thing is that with the different varieties of rice the noodles have lots of interesting colors that would be some interesting dishes. Take a look at these purple forbidden rice noodles.

Forbidden Rice Ramen
Forbidden Rice Ramen

As for the gluten, I'm not gluten free, but a lot of people are for a lot of reasons and I know that having a quick option is nice.

I have not seen these in stores around here but you can buy them online from the link above. If you guys try it please leave a comment about it and let me know how you like it.

Ramen Rater Fan Club

Hans from the Ramen Rater is looking for people to join a Ramen Rater Fan Club. Joining this club will get you some exclusive content and also help out with the hosting bill for Hans. Hosting a growing site like his is certainly not free!

Top 10 US Instant Ramen by RamenRater

I don’t get to eat ramen much anymore. For one thing, I’ve been trying to eat more natural foods, which ramen is certainly not one of, and also my wife isn't the biggest fan. However, now and again I get the old craving and go pick some up. With that in mind, I read through the ramen rater's top 10 US instant noodle list to see what my next buy should be.

Out of that list, here are my choices:


1) Maruchan. Ubiquitous and cheap, I love to have this on hand. I'm a simple man, I like beef and shrimp flavor. Add some red pepper flakes to give it some spice. This is not the best on the list, but its so cheap and easy to find, I'll list it first.


Nong Shim Bowl


2) Nong Shim Bowl - I really like this one. It's complex enough that you don't need to do anything to it. I love the spicy broth in this one too, enough to almost make you cough when you sip it, which is perfect.


Nong Shim Black


3. Nong Shim Black - I like the bowl, I love the black. The broth here is very rich and the vegetables are actually large enough to distinguish and tasty. This is worth the extra price to treat yourself.

Ramen Burgers

Ramen Burger
Ramen Burger

I first heard about ramen burgers a couple weeks ago and I'll admit I was curious. Finally this week, they arrived in my town, where foodie hipsters are slowly bringing in new and interesting foods mostly via local food trucks. If you've not heard of this before, basically a ramen burger is a beef hamburger that uses cooked and then grilled ramen as a bun. The sauce adds the umami and the green onion, crunch and color.

Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to have one of these yet, and so if you have, I'd love to hear your opinion on it. Was it good or just hype?


Ramen Rater’s 10 Worst Instant Ramen

Ramen Rater has a guide to the 10 worst varieties. Has anyone ever had any of these? The one in the picture at the top of the article looks terrible. Also be sure to check out the comments as they devolve into racial attacks. Apparently this bottom 10 list has upset some folks. (It’s also on a Taiwanese news channel, but I have no idea what this lady is saying).

Some Instant Noodle Science” target=”_blank”> has an interesting article about the science of how instant ramen is made. Many people don’t know that it is fried, although for a time in the 1990s, Campbell’s made a baked version. One new thing I learned in this story was about how “space ramen” was made:

In 2005, Nissin Foods developed instant noodles for astronauts, called Space Ram. The noodles come in bite-size bundles coated in egg whites to hold them together in a low-gravity environment. The soup was also made thicker to prevent spattering that could spread inside the space vessel. The flavor is quite strong because a person’s sense of taste is dulled in space. The starch content of the flour for the noodles was also adjusted so that the noodles could be cooked with hot, 70°C water; this was necessary because  water cannot boil in the space shuttle due to the low air pressure.

It’s not clear from the story if “Space Ram” has been used before in space, does anyone know?

April? Madness: Spicy Chorizo vs Buffalo Wing

I never managed to finish this in April, so now it’s May Madness and this time, two delicious flavors battle to decide which would make a great ramen flavor.

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Ramen vs Pho

Westword has an interesting article, that while focused on some Denver restaurants, provides a brief explanation of the difference between ramen and pho. I've had and love both, but I've never seen pho at the store for 20 cents a pack.

Here's a snippet:

In a bowl of ramen, the long, curly noodles are made from wheat, which has the structure-giving gluten that pho's rice noodles do not. Ramen stock is darker, richer and cloudy, often made from pork bones cooked at a rolling boil, whereas the base for pho is traditionally made from beef and scented with star anise, cinnamon and charred ginger.

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