Super Ramen BROTHers for iPhone/iPod Touch

Two iPhone app developers decided to write an app in 24 hours, an app based on “absurdity”, and the result was Super Ramen BROTHers. Personally I own an iPod Touch (which can run iPhone apps) and will be installing this game later tonight. The price is right (Free) even if you end up not liking it.

Schwartz and Kiymaz decided to try and develop a full-featured iPhone game, including all of the art, animation, music, sound effects, and everything, all within a single day — 24 hours.

Well, you control both of the Ramen brothers as they flee down the cashier’s conveyor belt in an effort to avoid that laser scanning thing and, ultimately, two cups of boiling, stovetop death. In their flight, down the three-lane conveyor belt, they must jump or dodge (tap or drag) other grocery items, as every collision jolts the Ramen packs back one notch closer to doom. Soy sauce packets picked up along the way help the Ramen brothers edge back forward towards freedom. AGON community integration provides leaderboard tracking — an impressive touch for a one-day app.