NPR story on David Chang’s New Ramen Cookbook

A friend pointed me to a NPR story on New York City chef and restaurateur David Chang and his new ramen cookbook called Momofuku. The book has non ramen recipes also and from the excerpt seems to be for the serious cook. Here's one excerpt discussing David Chang's ramen broth recipe:

Momofuku contains a recipe for his ramen broth that's miles away from the salty foil-wrapped flavor packets that come with instant noodles. In fact, Chang's broth recipe requires pounds of meat and takes hours to prepare. But, Chang says, the layers of flavor that result make the prep time pay off, especially if you think of the dish the way you would a hearty soup.

Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan is available from, currently it's on sale about 40% off. If you buy it, use the link in the right hand column.

Note - The link also has the full audio from the NPR story which may be longer than the text story.