Crunchgear Presents the Wide World of Ramen

Crunchgear provides a nice newbie guide on how to maximize your ramen experience. The article is long and informative, and I saw a type of ramen that I've never seen before get mentioned (Nissin Yakisoba noodles).

I do object to the complaint about tossing a raw egg into your ramen (to make egg drop soup), this is the tastiest way to get some extra protein. I've never been a hard-boiled egg fan (the author is though).

The summary is right on point.

Be creative and find something you like

Ramen has a bad rap because people tend to just get a pallet of the cheapest stuff and eat it unmodified. But with a little extra work, you can make a real meal out of it. There are tons of recipes out there just for people like you and me. Instant noodles are a great base for a lot of different dishes, and if you just try a few different things, toss a few ingredients in there, and be creative with what you’ve got around the dorm or apartment, you’ll surprise yourself.