Back in the Day…

Did you know that the Internets existed in 1996? The did, but not quite like they do now. I recently found a CD-ROM from JapanOnline in my desk. They used some of my recipes for a CD that they made in 1996. I can’t seem to run or install it on my XP machine as it’s for “Mac or Windows 95”, I even tried compatibility mode.

Unfortunately all the text is in Japanese, but I did find this gem, my entire website from my time at UMR/MST, including some of the TJ 8 South webpage.

Old School

Did you know that the Internets used to look like this?

Not shown on the screen-cap is some “breaking news” that I had added a mirror copy of the recipe page that was black text on a white background so printers didn’t have to print the yellow on black.

If anyone can give me a link to some product info that would be great, the bar code/ISBN? number is: 4 516662 003045