Get Ramen Advice from Momofuku Ando

In addition to inventing instant ramen noodles, Momofuku Ando was also a prolific writer of wisdom and sayings. Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now get "ramen advice", which will answer your questions and solve your problems using advice from Momofuku Ando.

Ramen Advice

Here's a sample piece of wisdom...

Dear Momofuku,
Do you have any advice for how my family can handle all of their financial troubles?

Dear Strapped,
Momofuku Ando lost everything, save his home, when he was 47 years old. He felt that it was the worst moment of his life, and arguably it was. I can't presume to know the difficulties your family is facing, but I hope it is some comfort that the experience led Momofuku to instant ramen. He once said, "Behind every valley, a grand mountain awaits."