Chili Fish Ramen

Submitted By: Le Bouffe

Submitted From: Ramenland Highschool


  • 3 packs sour shrimp flavor ramen(1 clear soup and 2 hot&spicy)
  • 1 pack large package of fake crab meat
  • Half of a frozen mixed seafood pack(500g)
  • Chili tofu in glass/can(200g)
  • Sriracha hot sauce or whatever you like
  • 6 tablespoons of oyster sauce or some hefty splashes with
  • Scallion(100g)
  • Shiitake and or other mushroom, no champignons
  • Seafish for brew(200g)
  • Vegetables for brew
  • Garlic and parsley-branches
  • Parsley and/or japanese cress
  • Liquor to taste(Saki or Mekhong brandy recommended)

Lets begin: Put the cleaned/salted/soured fish into a pot and add the garlic, vegetables, parsley-branches, the cleaned shiitake, chopped scallion and the chili tofu. Add water according to what is recommended on the ramen packsSimmer carefully and launch your first hot sauce assault on the poor brew. After ten to twenty minutes, remove the branches. Add the seafood stuff which you have previously washed in HOT water. Simmer for five minutes. Add the flavor packs and stir gently while adding the fake crab meat chopped in half and simmer three minutes. Add a teaspoon of liquor and strew some herbs on each bowl.