What’s Wrong in Korean Prisons?

Slow news day at the Korea Times, where they report that bread, not ramen, is the number one purchase of inmates. I was very confused about this at first, since I didn’t think that bread was a major part of the diet in Korea, but I have it figured out now. I think that the inmates may already get noodles once or twice a day and maybe bread is a change? Maybe this explains the popularity of ramen in US prisons, where bread is already served once or twice a day. Masters thesis anyone?

Note: You'd have to smuggle #5 into a US prison in order to get a hold of it.

``More than 650,000 loaves of bread are sold every month,'' said a spokesman for Okbaraju, the company behind the survey. ``No snacks are offered in prisons. That's why,'' it said.

Ramen (instant noodles) emerged in second place, with about 450,000 packets sold a month. Trailing ramen were milk, smoked chicken and dried seaweed.

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