I’m Sick Ramen

I have a cold and sore throat, so I made some ramen today for lunch. Here's my recipe. Chop 5 mini carrots and an equal amount of onions, add to 2 cups of water and begin to heat. Add the flavor packet while heating the water (see tip below). Bring to a boil, add your packet of Picante Beef (to clean out the sinuses) and cook for 3 minutes. Take off heat and eat as a soup.

Tip: I live at 5000 feet, water here boils at 203 degrees F, I've checked it. If you add the flavor packet before you boil the water, you'll raise the boiling point, just like adding salt before cooking spaghetti. This will make the ramen cook softer and faster, at least around here it does.

I thought about this today when I remembered cooking pasta for 30 minutes at Mesa Verde (about 7500 feet).