Inmate Mixer

Another prison recipe, this one actually is made in a bowl, so I guess Texas prisoners get bowls. That’s better than some of these that are made inside the bag.

Submitted By:Erin

Submitted From: Amarillo, TX


  • One Ramen package Any flavor
  • Can of Hormel Chili or any kind of chili
  • Small package of Fritos or any corn chip
  • Cheese if desired, grated or chopped

Boil Noodles to desired state. Drain almost all of noodles except about 1/4 of the water. Place the noodles in a bowl and mix in the seasoning packet, a can of chili, fritos or corn chips, and cheese if desired. You've now created the "Inmate Mixer," an inmate shared this with my husband while he was a guard in a prison here in Texas.