Cooking Ramen without Excess Water

If you’ve ever wanted to cook ramen in the microwave without getting “soup” out as a result, you may want to try this method which ends up evaporating absorbing the excess water. Take note, this is for 1/2 brick, I’m not sure whether doubling this would work or not, so someone let me know if you try it. Also take note of the prep time here, you need to plan ahead a bit.

Submitted By: Dave Carnell

Submitted From: Wilmington, NC


  • Half pack of noodles (single serving)
  • 1/4 cup liquid (water, wine, broth, etc.)

Put the noodles in a bowl large enough so they lie flat. Add the chosen liquid and seasoning. Allow to soak until the liquid is absorbed, turning the cake over once. This takes about an hour. Microwave 1 minute at high followed by 3 minutes at 30% power (1100W microwave). You can also have added shrimp, tuna, cooked chicken, whatever. Turn out onto plate-cooked with no excess liquid. Enjoy!