Bailout Ramen

Just thought I’d point out that McDonalds apple pies are not the best way to gauge a bail-out. $700 billion USD will buy you 3.5 TRILLION (3,500,000,000,000) packs of ramen at 20 cents per pack, although I imagine you could get a better discount at that bulk rate. Since ramen is about 1″ thick, we could stack this pile of ramen from the Earth to the Moon over 230 times (I hope I did the math right). At 6.725 billion people, we could also buy every single person on earth 520 packs of ramen! Or, we could give every investment bank employee a three year supply of noodles, either way, this is a bailout that I support!

Update: As I suspected, my math was wrong in the earlier posting. I forgot to convert from inches to meters when I did the calculations.