Mexican Chili-Cheese Ramen


  • 3-4 packs o’ ramen w/out the flavor package
  • can of Hormel chili
  • cheese (Monterey Jack works best)
  • About 20 packs of Taco Bell hot sauce (or tabasco)
  • Any assorted jalepeno or habenero peppers you happen to like

Cook ramen without the packet. then pour it into a large bowl.
Mix with the chili. Then shred the cheese and pour it on. Be generous
with the cheese. Then pop it in the microwave on high for a few
minutes until you see the cheese melting. Once its good and melted,
stir it all up and then pour on as much of the hot sauce as you
like, depending on how much your tongue can take, and enjoy!!
This should last 1 hungry college guy a couple of days, or can
feed an entire dorm room for a night.