Nippon TV Needs Your Help – Be on TV!

Would you like to be on TV or interviewed via phone by Nippon TV in New York City? They can’t fly me out there, so they’d love to find someone in the area who can be on there show, specifically anyone who has made (and enjoyed) any of the jail recipes. If you'd like to be involved, please use the contact info below!

For the 50 Year Anniversary of Instant Ramen on August 25th, the Japanese TV network NTV is looking to interview folks in the New York tri-state area who have unique ramen stories, recipes, and passionate experience of adapting ramen to life's circumstances such as life in college, prison, travel etc. We love the recipes posted on the ramen site and hope to meet some posters/bloggers in person for this program that will air only in Japan (we can provide a DVD of the show after, in Japanese of course!)

Please contact: Geri Walker (212)660-6916 a.s.a.p. with your stories and interest in being interviewed by phone or camera.