Tangy Chicken and Liver Ramen

Its rare that we get a first here since the site has been up for so long, but today we have one, our first recipe with liver. I will state that I’ve never eaten liver before and I don't plan on starting with this recipe.

Submitted By: Kip

Submitted From:
Pittsburgh, PA


  • 5 Boneless baby chicken breasts (Diced, uncooked)
  • 1 large beef liver (veins removed, diced, uncooked)
  • 1 bottle A-1 steak sauce
  • 1 can green beans
  • 1 large can of sliced mushroom caps and stems in water
  • 1-2 packages of beef or chicken ramen

Drain Cans of beans and mushrooms, set aside. In a pot, add diced chicken and diced liver. Cook on medium heat with a couple tablespoons of A-1 for flavoring. Once chicken and liver have finished cooking, add the remainder of the bottle of A-1, the beans, and the mushrooms. Raise heat to medium high and bring mixture to a boil. Let it simmer on low for about 15-20 min. Next add a package of ramen and the flavor packet and simmer for 2-3 mins, if this does not bring it to desired consistency, add more ramen.