Glutens in the Flavor Packet?

Someone asked me how to substitute for the flavor packet, which we’ve been asked before, but the question is because there is gluten in the flavor packet in most ramen. I didn’t know that was the case, but I’ve never checked. There are plenty of good substitutes for the flavor packet, but I also think there’s probably a ramen maker out there that is gluten free in the seasoning packet. Does anyone know?

    Here are my substitutes for the flavor packet:

  • chicken/beef bullion cubes (gluten free ones are available at
  • My personal favorite is boullion in a jar. It needs to be refrigerated after opening, but it seems to be higher quality to me.

Original question:

I have a recipes for broccoli slaw salad that calls for ramen noodles and the seasoning packet. This is a wonderful salad, and great to eat.

The problem is I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease which is an allergy to glutens. These are flour, wheat, barley, etc.

In the ramen seasoning packet, there is wheat, would you have any idea what the other seasonings are that I could try and substitute so that I can continue to make the salad minus the noodles?