Cao Boi’s Hiking Ramen

Personally, I think the carbs in this one might kill you, unless you are hiking 20 miles a day over hills with a full pack like the submitter was doing. This one definitely goes in the “I’m not gonna eat it” category.

Submitted By: Cao Boi

Submitted From: Wherever I lay my head is home


  • one packet of any flavor Ramen noodles
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of instant mash potato powder (use the flavored kind for variety)

Cook the Ramen as usual but do not drain. After noodles are soft, add flavor packet and add mash potato powder. Stir and let sit a bit (it holds heat and will burn your mouth if you don't wait) to thicken and cool. Add more or less instant mash potato powder for desired thickness and consistency. I like to use savory herbs or cheesy garlic instant mash potato. Great hiking food created on the Appalachian Trail!