Don’t Be Stealin’

I was poking around the web today, and I came across (a site), which has decided to take some of my recipes without permission or attribution. I've actually never turned down a request for someone else to use the recipes here, so it's pretty dumb just to take stuff. You can also see that there's a direct copy of the Categories used and the Ramen Manufacturer/Maker links are copied too. Anyway, if anyone in the future wants to use content from the site, just ask, there's a form off to the right....

UPDATE: I failed to mention that I did email the owner, which I found using WhoIs at GoDaddy. The site is actually hosted by Dreamhost (my host), so getting it removed should be fairly easy. I gave him 7 days in the email to remove the stuff, then I will contact DH.

UPDATE: The copied content has been removed. He never did respond to my email, but obviously he received it.