Nissin Choice Ramen

Nissin Foods is releasing (or has released) “Choice Ramen”, a lower fat, lower sodium ramen. The noodles are not fried, which is the reason they have 80% less fat. For all the Campbell’s Baked Ramen fans, this might be a good choice. I have not seen this product here in Colorado, but I have reports that some folks have seen it. Thanks to Michael who sent me the image below and some notes on his first tastings:

Opening the package gives you the flavor packet and a circular noodle cake, like original Chicken Ramen - in its own individual wrapper. Preparation is the same - boil two cups water, cook noodles for three minutes, add flavor packet, burn roof of mouth. I tried the Herb Chicken: it had vague notes of chicken but the overwhelming taste was that of black pepper. Noodles were good, though - nice and resilient, better than what ends up in the standard Top Ramen package. Up next is Slow Stewed Beef, made from lethargic cows, I guess. There's also a Shrimp Supreme, but the store I found them in (Fred Meyer in Lynnwood, WA) didn't stock that variety.