Get a Raise, Buy More Ramen!

Some people say that once you’re not in college and you're making big bucks with your art history or "peace and conflict studies" degree, that you don't need to buy ramen anymore. To these people I say, fools! Ramen is still great to eat when you're gainfully employed, say, as the head football coach at BYU. Coach Mendenhall just got a contract extension and a raise, but he has his priorities right still:

Mendenhall said he doesn't have any extravagant purchases planned for his new salary increase. "I don't have a wish list," he said. "In fact, [wife] Holly and I's day-to-day existence and what we spend is probably the same as when we were in college. We might have some nicer furnishings in our home, but Top Ramen is still a part of our diet."

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Note: I live in Fort Collins, home of CSU, and I'm no big fan of BYU's football team!

PS - Thanks to Buck from Provo, Utah for this tip...