Hooray for Spicy Ramen!

I asked my wife to buy me “some ramen” during her latest grocery store trip, expecting a random bunch of packets when she returned. She came back with one of each flavor of Top Ramen (which I haven't had in awhile), and now there seems to be some new flavors. I am thinking specifically of Teriyaki Chicken and Picante Beef. In a sort-of mini-review, here are my thoughts:

Teriyaki Chicken: Not good. I'm not sure why, but I didn't like this one at all. I also managed to overcook the noodles and they were mushy.

Picante Beef: Yummy yummy! I love spicy food and the spicy flavors went well with the beef. This would be great with some onions and carrots and sliced beef. I highly recommend this one.

I also know that Snack Ramen makes Picante Shrimp, and whenever I find it in the stores, I will definitely try it out. Has anyone here had it (and where did you buy it?)