Ryane and Anne’s Cheap and Easy Ramen Dessert

Submitted By: Anne

Submitted From: OHSU-School of Nursing


  • 1 package top ramen (no seasoning packet)
  • Strawberry sauce like you get on an ice-cream sundae
  • bottle of honey you can squeeze from
  • dash cinnamon and sugar
  • Whipped cream the kind from the can works best

Make ramen as usual but do not add seasoning packet. I like to undercook it a little but you can make it how you like. Drain noodles and place in fridge till chilled. Take cold ramen and place on a paper plate. Drizzle as much honey on ramen as desired, I like a lot. Sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar, and a little of the strawberry sauce. Add whipped cream, then a little more strawberry for color. Eat and EnJOY!!!!!

Note: Make this dessert because it is cheap and easy, you know what they say, you are
what you eat. Try this recipe GUYS to impress your fellow co-ed dorm-mates. It just may work!!!!!