Apocalypse Stew

Submitted By: amanda m f

Submitted From: Univ. of MN - Twin Cities


  • Top O' Ramen
  • 1 Egg
  • Campbell's cream of mushroom soup
  • water, seasoning packet
  • Optional: milk
  • Optional: onion
  • Optional: peppers
  • Optional: small veggies
  • Optional: cooked meat
  • Optional: cheese

Can be cooked on a stove, or in a microwave, even a hot pot. Boil appropriate amount of water for ramen noodles, displacing some for milk if you have any in your dorm fridge. Add contents of soup can (ie condensed soup)
and egg (and optional ingredients) and heat for at least 5 more minutes. This will make your noodles super mushy and also make sure any bad eggs get cooked through. If it werent for this protein packed recipe, i may not be here today.

Note: Any kind of ramen or water, eggs or milk or veggies work fine. You never get the same taste twice.