Soy Milk Ramen

Well, I’d never eat it, but maybe someone thinks this sounds good? (Sorry, not a milk fan).

Submitted By: Lee Gerstmann
Submitted From: Oakland, CA


  • 1 package of Nissin ramen "spicy" flavor
  • Fong Kee unsweetened fresh soy milk
  • 1 capful of Bernstein's Light Fantastic "Classico Italian" dressing
  • one or two sprinkles of chili pepper flakes
  • one or two small handfuls of crushed bottom-of-the-bag pieces of Padrino's Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

Break the ramen block and crumble inside microwaveable soup container or bowl. Add the oil and sesame packet from the ramen package. Next, pour soy milk to top of ingredients or 3/4 the way up to the top of the soup container. Stir. Add the Bernstein's dressing, chili pepper flakes, and tortilla chip pieces. Put in microwave and cook on high for three minutes. When finished, take out of microwave and let cool for a few minutes and then eat!