Fried Lemon Shrimp and Ramen with Veggies

Submitted By: Liz Bartz

Submitted From: Escondido, Ca


  • 2 packages of Shrimp or Chicken flavored Ramen
  • Shrimp [chicken or other white meat can be substituted]
  • 2 lemons
  • butter
  • Your favorite fresh vegetables, works well with
    • celery
    • tomatoes
    • red or green pepper

Make Ramen by following directions on package. While ramen cooks, begin to fry meat in a small amount of butter. After ramen finishes, strain all water out of noodles, add the noodles to the to meat in pan. Cut lemons and squeeze juice into the meat and noodles (the more the better!) Cut vegetables into small squares and toss into frying pan (you can pre-cut the veggies of course). Cover pan and let cook until the veggies are soft. Remember to keep the pan on a low temperature to avoid burning noodles. Also, remember to stir throughout the cooking process. Take noodle/meat/veggie mix out of pan and reapply remaining lemon juice to top. Serve with fresh bread and white wine (if appropriate)!