Ramen and Lentil Soup

I like lentils, but I always screw them up when I cook them at home. I usually start with dried lentils and have to cook them for like 37 hours...

Submitted By: Josho
Submitted From: Canada


  • 1 (or two) packets Ramen Noodles
  • 1 can (large or small) pre-cooked lentils

Cook your ramen Noodles 'soup style' (do not drain). Open a can of lentils, and when ramen noodles are at the desired tenderness, add lentils. Using the flavor packet is optional, but probably makes it taste better. Eat!

This tastes interesting and provides a quick and cheap way to make your noodles into a healthier meal. Lentils are super healthy in loads of ways. I'm not sure it's an actual improvement as far as taste goes... people usually think I'm wierd when I make this. It does add health value and volume though.