Post Thanksgiving Fried Ramen

Here’s the best of the post-Thanksgiving recipes. Excuse the delay, but I was in Canton, Texas, and only had dial-up access.

Submitted By: Julian

Submitted From: Boston, Massachusetts, USA


  • -Leftover Turkey
  • Leftover Stuffing
  • 4 oz. Chicken Broth
  • 1 pkg. of Ramen (For best results, use Chicken)
  • Any Oil

Start by pouring some oil onto the pan. Fry up your stuffing and leftover turkey for about a 2-4 minutes. Next, set the fried stuff aside, and boil your ramen, saving the flavor packet for a bit later. Then, add more oil to the pan and fry your ramen (the stuffing/turkey should not be in the pan at this time). After about a minute, you should put in your flavor packet. Next, put the turkey-stuffing back in. Gradually pour in chicken broth. Mix and serve.