Ramen Burrito

I suppose this is a recipe, but its just for fun IMHO

Submitted By: Charles
Submitted From: California, USA

Nothing extra is needed. Just a fun way to eat ramen.

Prepare as usual, make sure the noodles are not broken and save the seasoning

Drain all the water.

Pour the noodles into a large plastic zipper close bag.

Sprinkle the seasoning and shake/mix with noodles.

Close up the bag with the noodles at the bottom make sure you get out the excess air.

Now just roll up the bag with the noodles pressed into the bottom. Let this settle for a few minutes to take shape.

You should see why my friends call it a Ramen Burrito by the shape.

To eat, just open up the bag and kind of scoot it up to the opening.

It's easiest to eat using the bag as a wrapper of sorts.

There you have it. A quick easy way to enjoy everyones favorite treat and get big delicious mouthfuls of yummy noodles.

I'm sure you could spice this up a variety of ways, enjoy.