Ramen and Honey

I’ve never tried this, or even considered it! Also, sorry for the long delay with no posts, I was attending the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, CO (okay, well not for the whole week, I’m just lazy too)

Chris B from North Carolina writes in…

You’ve probably heard of this, but honey tastes really good in oriental ramen, sort of sweet n’ salty, vaguely pad thai-esque. I used two packets of honey I stole from Starbucks (ok, not really stole, they have them sitting out. But you can take them for free if cost is an issue), probably a couple teaspoons of honey total. This isn’t like second grade, when your best friend is telling you that he likes peanut butter / pepperoni / banana / mayonnaise sandwiches, and you're like no way do you really eat that, that would taste terrible, it's actually really good. I'm eating it right now.

Anyone else tried this one? I have some honey in my closet, but I may be out of oriental ramen