Southwestern Chicken Ramen

I’m hungry now.

Submitted By: Cory
Submitted From: Greenville, NC

Cory says: I’m a big fan of Ramen with nothing more than seasonings and sauces, mostly because I can't afford meats and vegetables. So, this is made with Chicken ramen, and some common household ingredients.


  • 1 packet of chicken Ramen
  • A pinch of fresh minced garlic (optional)
  • Some garlic powder
  • Some onion powder
  • Some oregano/basil (optional)
  • White con queso cheese sauce (tostitos brand is good)
  • Some ranch dressing/sauce

Cook the ramen normally (with flavor packet), but with the minced garlic in the water. Add a bit of garlic powder while it's still boiling. When it's finished boiling, cut the heat, add the chicken flavoring packet, and stir. Once your noodles are good and chickeny, add a decent ammount more of garlic powder, and a pinch of onion powder. Add a pinch of the oregano/basil, and stir well.

Once everything is dissolved and it smells good, drain, and add a small ammount of the Queso dip and the ranch dressing. Stir until the noodles have absorbed the flavor (they'll look a bit thicker and creamy). Enjoy.

If you happen to have red pepper to toss in, or some cheeses that would work (cheddar, Monteray Jack, etc...) feel free.