Is Ramen Bad For You?

There are quite a few comments on this site about the many evils of ramen. “It’s high in fat, it’s high in sodium, it’s too processed….” Well most of this is all true, but it’s also true about potato chips! So it’s pretty simple, enjoy ramen, preferably in moderation, and stop complaining!

    Here are some other tips:

  • You can substantially reduce the sodium in ramen by not using the flavor packet (or only using a portion)
  • Shop around and look for 'baked' ramen. Personally I haven't seen it in years, but maybe it's still out there?
  • Don't add other salty ingredients such as soy sauce to you ramen if you are worried about sodium
  • Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. Eat ramen at your own risk 😉