Maruchan Ramen & Shellfish

Caveat: I know nothing about Maruchan’s manufacturing process or shellfish allergies and so take all comments here with a grain of salt.

Kimberly from Lincoln, Nebraska writes in:

I'm hoping you or one of your readers can help me. I bought a bunch of Maruchan Ramen yesterday, and noticed only after I got it home that there was a warning in the fine print that it is, and I quote, "manufactured in a facility that also processes shellfish and fish products."

What I want to know is whether any of your readers with shellfish allergies have had a bad reaction to the Maruchan Ramen before. This is my first time buying this brand of ramen, but I am allergic to shellfish and thus, understandably, somewhat nervous about trying it now.

The thing is, most ramen makers seem to have a shrimp flavored variety, which would imply that the other brands are also produced in places that process shellfish and fish products. I have never had problems with other brands of ramen (as long as I avoid the shrimp flavored, obviously), suggesting that the Maruchan should be fine. On the other hand, they did feel it was important enough to include the warning on the package, and I have had a reaction to foods that were cooked in the same oil as shrimp, so maybe I should just stick with brands I have used before?

What do your readers say? Go for it and keep some Benadryl on hand just in case, or better safe than sorry?