Eggdrop Ramen Pho

I love Pho and recipes from Colorado (where I reside). I also recommend adding some sliced jalapenos or Sri Ra Cha sauce to spice this one up!

Submitted By: The Archive
Submitted From: Arvada, Colorado, USA


  • 2 packs of Shrimp Ramen
  • 1 cup of frozen asian vegetables
  • 2 eggs separated (whites only)
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Oyster or "Hoisin" sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Bean Sprouts

Put 4 cups of water in pot. Before boiling add flavor packets, veggies, the Oyster or Hoisin sauce and the soy sauce (both to taste). Bring broth to a rolling boil and then crack the eggs one at a time and drizzle the egg whites slowly into the pot. Then add the noodles and boil untill noodles are soft but not mushy. Remove from heat, add bean sprouts, and serve. You may also add additional Hoisin/Soy sauce to taste. Also try adding chicken, beef or fish to the recipe.