Thai Ramen Supreme

Submitted By: Bill Gies
Submitted From: Boston, MA

So I came upon this recipe when trying to find an alternative Thai recipe for my girlfriend, who is alergic to soy and penuts, the two main ingredients in Thai cooking. I was successful, and I share it with you.



  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 3/4 a jar of almond butter
  • some spicy seasame seed oil
    Rest of Ingredients

  • good Ramen
  • Water chestnuts (1 can)
  • Lemon grass oil
  • (Optional) Beef
  • (Optional) Eggplant
  • (Optional) carrots
  • (Optional) celery
  • (Optional) red bell pepper

To make the sauce: Whip sauce ingredients into a well-mixed sauce. To the sauce, add a can of raw sliced water-chestnuts. Stir. Cook Ramen, do not break up noodles, strain, then add a little lemon grass oil, flavor packet, and if you like, some soy sauce.

Meat or Vegetables:
I find that beef pan-fried with a little stirfry sauce goes great, so does eggplant, red bell peppers, carrots, and celary. Mix it up with your own preferences.

Mix everything up into one big bowl and feast on classy ramen. The ingediants may be hard to find, but once you get those waterchestnuts and lemon grass oil, it's all worthwhile.