Review: Nong Shim Big Bowl Noodle (Kimchi)

I recently received my third box of goodies from Noodleson and so today I decided to try out one of the instant lunch noodle packs. I was a bit nervous to see that both my remaining instant noodles were "kimchi flavor". I have never tried Kim Chi, but it sounds scary to me. Anyway, I was brave enough to cook up some Nong Shim Big Bowl Noodle (Kim Chi Flavor).

This ramen was the "add boiling water and wait" type. I found that the noodles softened very fast, and the broth was a spicy red color. The broth itself was quite spicy (made my nose run) and the noodles were good. They were the regular thin ramen noodles, not thick ones, but I still enjoyed it. I really liked the flavor, even with Kim Chi! Anyway, if you like spicy noodles, I would recommend this one.