Ramen Eatery?

Lance writes from St Louis…

The wife and I have been raman junkies for years. We rented a small nice outfitted location. We have some time to get things right, but we will be open soon. Looking at offering a Raman eatery. Sit down for 40 folks and to go orders. We have made many a great dish with ramen. We are out fitted with foutain soda and water.

    I have a few questions:

  • Best way to offer menu. We have the house recipes, but look to have a flier type paper with boxes for the folks to check. You want beef you check beef you want fresh peas you check that and so on. You get the point. You also would be able to check the sauses and other "chemicals" you would like. Like Curry, soy, garlic salt, fresh gInger and so on. Boiled, fried or deep fried noodle available. Then check to go or eat in.
  • Looking at have a set price. Very simple. Lunch in is 4.20 take out or delivery is 5.20. Comes with soda or water. Dinner would be a little more because we would have fresh hot tea and offer free desert.
  • Any help I can get for pricing on Fresh Raman. We are looking at using dried, but still want to find very good quality fresh.

Any ideas or comments, please post. Also if you frequent other fresh ramen eateries, please share your thoughts on prices...