Review: Japanese Style Udon Bowl

After painting my family room I was staving for some ramen. I opened up the new box from NoodleSon and pulled out this pack of "fresh noodles". The noodles were not dried, they were fresh and sealed in plastic. The container also had: dried vegetables and fish, a brown sauce, and a packet of crushed red pepper.

udon ramen

The instructions were fairly complex for ramen anyway. Boil water, and pour over the noodles. Wait two minutes. Drain. Add the other seasonings and add more boiling water. Wait one minute. Even though I was tired I managed to follow the directions and ended up witha yummy and spicy bowl of Udon noodles.

These noodles cost more than dried noodles, but they also taste better. The price is $2.19, which is not a bad price for a good lunch.