Review: Shin Ramyun (Hot & Spicy)

Ate my last package of ramen (from the old box) from NoodleSon today. Today’s lunch was the Nong Shim brand Shin Ramyun (Hot & Spicy). I fancied this one up (but was too lazy to take pictures). I cooked the noodles for about 2 minutes and then added some cooked bratwurst that I had laying around. I also added one egg and stirred it in, for a special "Egg Drop Brat Spicy Ramen". This ramen was very good.

The ramen "brick" was round and not square, and there were two seasoning packets. One was dried vegetables (carrots and such). The flavoring was red and was quite spicy. I cooked and ate this oe as a soup and it was quite tasty. The spice lingered a bit on my tongue and I really enjoyed the flavor.

I liked this ramen alot!