Pizza Ramen

Submitted By: Inki

Submitted From: Minnesota


  • 1-2 packages of Raman (I eat 2)
  • Pepporoni slices
  • 1-2 types of Cheese (I prefer Chedder and Mozzerella)
  • Ragu Pizza Quick (Pizza sauce pepporoni flavored)
  • Optional: Parmesian cheese for topping

Break ramen into pieces (I usually break into 4 peices)
Cook ramen WITHOUT seasoning
Strain ramen
Add butter to hot empty pan (Little bit)
Return ramen to pan
Add Ragu Pizza Quick to pan
Add cubed/shredded cheese to mix
Add seasonings to mix (IF you like it strong)
Add cut up pepporoni to mix.

Heat untill cheese melts. Add parmesian as topping. Enjoy