Quick Ramen in a Cup

Submitted By: Mark
Submitted From: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


  • Styrafoam cup
  • Ramen

This would work great at my office, we have 170 degree water available at the coffee station.

The way I make a quick lunchtime ramen is to use a 16 oz. styrofoam cup. We have one of those sink-side hot water heaters. Simply grind up the ramen in the bag into bite-sized noodles, and dump into a 16 oz cup. Put the sodium packet on top. Then fill with hot water.

It takes a few minutes for the noodles to soften up, and make sure to stir every minute or so otherwise the noodles on top do not soften. Also, do NOT put the sodium packet contents in first, unless you like a hard core blast of flavor at the very end of your dining experience.