Review: Midori Tanuki Soba w/Tempura

Today for lunch, I had the Midori Tanuki Soba w/Tempura. This ramen came with some fried fish cakes and what appeared to be croutons as well. The noodles appeared to be made from whole wheat. There was also some sea weed pieces thrown in for good measure.

I don't have any pictures since I ate this at work (no cameras allowed at my office), so you will have to go on text only.

This ramen was quite good. It is the "add boiling water" variety of ramen and "cooks" quite quickly. The noodles were soft and there was enough broth to make it soupy. The broth and noodles have a seafood flavor (enhanced by the fried fish cake). The broth was very tasty and I finished it before I finished the noodles. This product is a step above your typical store purchased ramen, and I recommend it for a good lunch. One drawback of this product is the strong seafood aroma, which may not make you popular at work (I didn't get any complaints so far).

All in all, a good product, and well worth the price of $2.99.