More Anti-Spam Measures

I have taken some additional anti-spam measures after some spammers made it through my “captcha” filter. The comments were all regarding “Texas Hold’Em”, “Student Loans”, and “Ringtones” which apparently are more popular than viagra to spam about these days. The following new anti-spam measures were taken:

  1. Added some new words to the WP internal comment filter, including “holdem”, “ringtones”, and “loans”.
  2. Installed the wp-hashcash plug-in. This plug-in requires javascript to run, so if you don’t have javascript you will no longer be able to comment, sorry… (Thanks to “May” for pointing this out in an earlier comment.)wp-hashcash didn’t do anything to stop spam…
  3. Modified some settings for my captcha to make it more difficult to get past.
  4. Disabled trackbacks and pingbacks.
  5. Removed my old captcha, and added a new one.
  6. Added Bad Behavior