Freebase Ramen

Numerous people have submitted this, so I finally added it back in. As far as I know it was invented by the snobby chicks at my high school, although I can claim invention of the name of the recipe.

Update: Numerous comments have stated that a) the chicks at my high school did not invent this, perhaps the Koreans did, or perhaps it was a guy named Jack. You will note that this recipe has been on my site for quite some time (see post #227). I will claim that I did invent that name all on my own, although its possible that someone else used the moniker before me, it was the product of my creativity.


  • 1 pack of Ramen, any flavor.

Without opening the bag, break the noodles up into small chunks. Be careful not to puncture the bag.

Now open one end of the bag and add the flavouring. Holding the opened end closed tightly, shake the bag to distribute the flavouring.

Eat with fingers directly from the bag.