Limon-Caliente Ramen

Submitted By: Timothy
Submitted From: Louisiana, USA

From Timmy: Some Mexican gentlemen that I worked with while on summer break from college always brought Ramen for lunch. Being a college student, I wa already an avid fan of Ramen. They turned me on to the following recipe, and I am powerless to have them any other way, now.


  • Cayenne type hot sauce (Texas Pete, Red Bull, etc.)
  • One medium lime
  • One packet of Ramen noodles
  • Saltines or other crackers

Ramen noodles (preferably a lighter flavor, such a s chicken or oriental) prepare as per instructions; drain and add flavor packet. Then, add two tbsp. of hot sauce; cut lime in half and squeeze juice into noodles; mix thoroughly. Fork small servings of noodles onto crackers. It just doesn't get any better. Great with Sweet tea or cheep beer. Enjoy.