Cajun Seafood Noodles

Submitted By: Lea Kerry
Submitted From: West Monroe,Louisiana

  • One package of shrimp (use 2 seasonings if have an extra one) noodles
  • chicken bouillion cube (if Strong flavored noodles desired) otherwise half a chicken breast- shredded
  • some cajun sausage, cubed
  • tiny pinch of sugar
  • half tsp butter
  • half tsp gimbo file (omit if dont have any on hand. It just makes it even more cajuny)
  • a few peices okra (omit if not on hand)
  • pinch or so celery salt
  • half tsp MINCED garlic from jar or a few piches of powder(NOT GARLIC SALT)

Cook noodles as usual. Just add everything as soon as you put the noodle block in. These noodles should be soupy and have broth when done. You must either/or both put hot sauce OR season to taste when noodles are in bowl, with any type of cajun spice!! (some people drain all juice) A few things are missing from the ingredients, and your're using noodles instead of rice - but its pretty close to jumblaya!