Ramen for the Troops

A fitting post for Memorial day, because whether you agree with the war or not, you should support our soldiers in Iraq. Judy wrote me and told me this story…

“I am representing the American Legion Post 15 in Medford, Or 97501 Last week we decided to put on a support your troops benefit so that we can try to get things that they need badly. Talking to 3 Army recruiters that just returned from Iraq said some of the best things you could send them was Spam and Top Ramen Noodles. They said they cut up the spam and fry it and then add the noodles and make kind of a stir fry out of it. I have contacted Hormel to see if they could donate spam and now I am asking you if you could donate some of your noodles. Either that or the cups of noodles. They acted like it was a real treat to them over there. So please help us give them something they like.”

I am not in a position to donate noodles, but I will certainly let Judy know how to contact Ramen manufacturers (links are on the right).

As for the rest of you, be thinking of the troops, and if you can figure out how to send them ramen, I am sure they will appreciate it!

Anyone who does want to contact Judy, use the “Got a Recipe?” form on the right and I will put you in contact with her.