Jailhouse Ramen Pizza

Submitted By: Brett
Submitted From: Houston, TX, USA


  • 3-4 – Ramen soups (spicy or beef)
  • 1 – Squeeze Cheese
  • 1 – Can Chilli no beans
  • 1 – Summer Sausage
  • Couple handfulls of cornchips
  • Couple jalapenos

Note: I am always a sucker for recipes from jail. Also, they let you have hot pots in jail? Sounds more like college to me.

Open all noodles and place inside some type plastic bag (lg. corn chip bag works great). Add cornchips and crush mix thouroughly (don't leave any large chunks), then add the seasoning packs. Then bring some water to boil in your hotpot. While your water heats up go ahead and slice up your jalapenos and summer sausage. Once the water is hot enough, pour into your bag with the noodle/chip/seasoning mix. Important: add just enough water to come up just below top of mix (don't drown them).Refill pot and heat can of chilli in it. Knead and work the bag with noodles in it around mixing thouroughly. Once this is done lay bag out and flatten down evenly, making dough/crust. If you've done this correctly there shouldn't be alot of water running out if there is add more crushed chips and mix untill thickens. Fold end of bag, secure with paper clip, and wrap with towel to insulate and let "cook" for about 10 mins. Once done cut bag down middle and bottom and spread open. Noodles should remain in rectangular shape and be stuck together (like dough). Pour your chilli over top and spread evenly (if too runny add a few crushed corn chips to thicken mix. Then comes a layer of squeeze cheese, topped with summer sausage and jalapenos. Slice evenly and enjoy with your cell mates. Yum.