Easy Microwave Ramen

Submitted By: Rich
Submitted From: Columbia, MD, USA


  • microwavable bowl large enough to submerge a brick of ramen
  • water
  • fork
  • an egg or three

  1. Put enough water in bowl to submerge the unbroken brick of Ramen. Add spice pack and Ramen brick to bowl.
  2. Microwave on high 3 min or until noodles have soaked the water.
  3. Drain with fork immediately for al dente, leave sit until you remember about it again for softer noodles.
  4. Leave about 50mL water or next step will dry it out too much.
  5. Add egg(s). Mix.
  6. Nuke for another 1-3 minutes until egg is cooked.

  • Sprinkle flavour pack over drained Ramen for stronger flavour.
  • Along with egg, mix in anything else edible. I call this Ultra Ramen (great for getting rid of vast quantities of leftover condiments which fridges seem to collect!). Shredded cheese is a great cover and a staple of mine when I don't have to stress pushing the cost above $.20/bowl.
  • Instead of leaving water from draining, use watery condiments such as soy sauce.
  • Don't mix the egg to cook the whites and leave the yolks runny. Be sure to at least pierce the yolks and whites with a toothpick, or boom!