The Great Ramen Challenge!

Kids, Dont try this at home, but check out this contest that 5th Floor West AJ at Virginia Tech invented.

The Great Ramen Challenge


  • 1 case any-flavor ramen (12 packages)
  • 24 cups water
  • Are you man enough for the Great Ramen Challenge?

    Directions: You have 2 hours to eat one case of standard ramen (preparing each package using 2 cups of water). Good luck. May require stomach pumping.

    Note from Adam: We're poor college kids, so we practically live on ramen. Anyway, one day we were discussing how much ramen could possibly be consumed in one sitting. We thus came up with the Great Ramen Challenge: eat one case of ramen (made with 2 cups water per package) in under 2 hours. So far no one has succeeded, but here's a picture of my friend after trying.