Subtle Flavor Ramen

Submitted By: Lefty

Submitted From: Germany


  • 1 egg
  • Slice of cheese
  • Slice of ham
  • Oregano
  • 1 block of ramen
  • flavor packet

Break the ham and cheese into pieces. Boil the noodles as your normally would. Pour out most of the water, then put in the egg. Stir it quickly for about 30 seconds to make sure the egg doesn't turn into chunks. Stir in the flavor packet. Throw in the ham and cheese. Stir. Make sure you take the pot off the fire efore the cheese completely melts. Put in about tablespoon of oregano. Eat.

Personally I like the Middle aged (slightly yellow) block cheese for this, and the chicken flavor packets. I like picking up a gooey mess of cheese along with my ramen, which is why I make sure it doesn't completely melt, but this step is up to you!

This recipe makes for a very delicious and subtle taste.